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Our Events

We run Bi-Weekly events in Scarborough which everyone is welcome to attend. We run these at Roscoes Bar on Roscoes Street, Scarborough. Events are usually on a Sunday Evening from 6pm until around 10pm depending on when people want to go home. We screen Anime on our projector and sound equipment. We also play games, hang out, chat and have fun together.

Check out the "Events" page for more information on our events, and use the contact page to contact our friendly staff team and find out membership information.



Membership & Costs

Membership is £10 a year and open for anyone over the age of 16 years.

Membership will allow you to come to our events. We allow prospective new members a total of three free taster sessions before joining. This allows you to come to us and check us out three times before signing up. The general idea behind this is that its a 'try before you buy' as we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable at our society. We understand that some people may not be comfortable in social situations; although that being said we don't bite and everyone will be welcomed warmly.

As a member you will also be eligible for a personalised Membership Card which is due to be released in Mid 2018. You will be able to choose a picture for your card which makes it personal to you. Examples of the cards are below:

If you have any questions about membership or SAMS in general, please don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our Staff Team, or drop us a message through our Facebook Page and we'll reply as soon as we can!

Below are the links to our Membership Pack, and a Guidebook which contains additional information and rules for SAMS.

Click here to download a SAMS Membership Pack

Click here to download the SAMS Guidebook

Our History

The Scarborough Anime & Manga Society originally started as a University Society in 2014. It ran very successfully under the command of Will, our current president. Members of the University met on a weekly basis to watch and talk about Anime & Manga.

The society also hosted Video Game contests and competitions as well as running several charity fundraising events. SAMS was awarded the Society of the Year award at the Scarborough Awards 2015 for its contribution to Campus Activities, lifestyle and charity fundraising work.

However many of the SAMS members were final years, therefore when they graduated SAMS continued on without them. Unfortunately many of the graduates missed SAMS and how it used to run so began to build a new society, one that could remain open for the public. In late 2015 many members of the original SAMS, including its founder Will, got together to create this new version of SAMS which is now open to everyone in the Scarborough Region and beyond.

We have grown since 2015, and recently celebrated our third birthday, with a party packed with games and lots of laughs. We also reguarly attend Sci-Fi Scarborough and run a stall there for anyone who wants to come and talk to us.

We also run special events such as Christmas and Halloween etc. So feel free to come and check us out, we have a long history and we're still going strong!




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